The Interview – Written by Spence

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I needed a housekeeper.  My housekeeper of eight years was in rehab, or jail, or both.  Don’t get me wrong, he is a very nice guy and I still count him as a friend.  But nevertheless, he wasn’t in a position to clean my house.  Not to mention do the laundry, tidy up after me and help cook if I was in a tight spot.… Read More

The Belton Estate

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The Belton Estate by Anthony Trollope was written in 1865. Clara Amedroz is the only surviving child of Squire Bernard Amedroz, the current tenant in possession under a fee tail male of the Belton Estate. Her brother, who would have been the heir, through dissipation and extravagances has forced the squire to pay all of his income and savings to pay the son’s debts. Then… Read More

What Is A Trust?

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A trust is a creature of English common law, originally devised to avoid the reversion of lands to the crown and the strictures of primogeniture. Legal scholars have struggled to give a definition. There is a famous definition from a law book that describes a trust negatively by listing all the things it is not. A trust is not a bailment, a trust is not… Read More

Elliot’s Bicycle

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“I met someone this morning who went to Dickinson,” my husband announced when he returned to our hotel room. “I asked him if he knew Patti Spencer, but he said ‘no’.” “What year was he?” I asked. “’76.” I should know him. 1976 was my year. “What’s his name?” “Elliot Konig.” Elliot Konig, Elliot Konig. Sounds familiar. Oh shit. I know who he is, or… Read More