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Who says trusts and estates law is boring? It’s got everything – murder, conspiracy, corruption, family feuds, and lots of money at stake. I explore the human experience of inheritance. My topics are people who use their wealth to control others, great philanthropists who try to make the world a better place, and regular folks who are often surprised at what the law does to them instead of for them.

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  • Tony Comes Home From Vietnam

    Tony_Comes_Home_Patti_Spencer blog header

    It was 1970.  Tony was coming home from Vietnam.  He had been wounded – something to do with the helicopter he was in – the details were discussed in hushed voices.  They didn’t think the casualties of war and brutal injuries were appropriate for a girl’s ears. That was odd to me.  The war in Vietnam was for real and not over yet. For my… Read More

  • Growing Downwards

    Growing Downwards - Patti Spencer

    A great deal of growing, is growing downwards. . . Sooner or later the process of growing smaller starts, and it is painful at first until you get used to it.– Donald Winnicott   We learn from Dendrology and the root structure of woody plants the importance of growing downward. The spread and depth of the root system of a tree are just as big, if… Read More

  • The Jumping Off Place

    Jumping_Off_Place_Patti_Spencer blog header

    My father called the town the “jumping off place.” Mont Alto had been a stop on the railroad where folks got off the train to go to the Tuberculosis Sanatorium. The Sanatorium was at the top of South Mountain. Granny Beulah told me a horse and wagon would meet the train and take the new patients up the mountain. Later, the same horse wagon would… Read More